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Talent Concept

    Talent Concept

    People-oriented, trust and respect every employee. People-oriented is the core concept of Liding Human Resource Management. Liding emphasizes that employees are the company's most important resources, trusting employees, respecting employees, putting employees in the main position of management, stimulating the vitality and innovative spirit of employees, and aiming to provide employees with A talent display platform to achieve the full and autonomous development of employees. 
    We can provide you with:
    I. Respect, trust, equality, and humane work environment
    Second, free development space, a broad display platform
    III. Systematic Training Opportunities for Professional Organizations and Internal Organizations
    Fourth, a clear career planning
    V. Colorful group activities
    Six, perfect compensation and benefits
    VII. Formal Labor Contracts, Five Social Insurance and Housing Provident Funds
    VIII. Extra special post commercial insurance
    Nine, higher than the basic salary of the same industry
    X. Perfect assessment and reward methods
    XI. Specially Established Staff Care Fund
    Twelve, free shuttle and accommodation, transportation and phone allowances.