LEADWIN Intelligent Equipment (Qingdao) Group Co., Ltd.

LEADWIN Intelligent Equipment (Qingdao) Group Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise established in March 2004, covering an area of ​​70 mu, with a construction area of ​​47,000 square meters and more than 300 employees. Liding Intelligence focuses on providing intelligent production lines for processing, assembly and logistics in the field of machinery manufacturing. It uses control, perception and forecasting technologies to improve the efficiency and quality of intelligent production lines, help customers build digital production lines and information workshops, and gradually realize the realization for customers. Smart Factory.

Integrating the world's high-end technical resources, adhering to the concept of technology based and quality winning, it has successively become strategic partners with internationally renowned companies such as FANUC, SIEMENS, DS, SCHUNK, DMG, etc., and has established scientific research relations with Ocean University of China and many other universities. Become the only strategic partner of German FLT (FIBRO) in China.

After nearly 20 years of unremitting efforts, it has successively provided services for BAIC, SINOTRUK, FAW, Dongfeng, Great Wall, Zoomlion, Weichai, Fangsheng, Wuzheng, Hubei Third Ring, Aresti, American Kangmai, Qingdao Haitong, Datong Gear, Grenfell Gear, Henan Fengbao, Datong Locomotive and other well-known enterprises at home and abroad have provided intelligent overall solutions and turnkey products.


Company mission

Let China's intelligent manufacturing lead the world


Company Vision

Determined to become an excellent provider of intelligent production lines in the field of machinery manufacturing

- For yourself

Consolidate the technical and management foundation, take profit as the goal orientation, and become a platform for employees to realize their own value;


- for customers

Be a customer value finder, use automation technology to improve machining, assembly, logistics efficiency and quality, and help Chinese manufacturing;


- for the industry

Become the leader of the intelligent integrated production line in the machining, assembly and logistics industries, transform from automation to intelligence, and use automated equipment to deliver the whole line, leading the industry direction;


- for society

Disseminate the mainstream culture and values of the society and realize social responsibility.

Core value

Customer, Innovation, Team, Responsibility, Ultimate, Leap



Customer-centric, creatively meet customer needs; customers are the only people who give us money. In order to survive, every Liding person must choose to meet customer needs and move customers with heart.


Team -- take the team goal as its own responsibility

The successful delivery of the project requires team spirit; 100% of the project is checked and delivered on time, requiring every Liding person to break the departmental barriers and abandon individualism.


Responsibility - I am the root of everything

Responsible for every aspect of the project; the implementation of the project is interlinked, 90%×90%×90%×90%×90%=59%, and the 100% acceptance of the project requires each department to be 100% responsible .


Innovation--seeking development with innovation

It is the driving force for the company to keep moving forward; only by continuous innovation can Liding have a competitive advantage in the fierce market and win customers for sustainable development.


Ultimate - no best only better

Continuously optimize the design of products, and strive for product perfection; abandon the concept of being similar and lazy, and have the courage to pay wisdom and hard work, strive to be the first in the industry, and the pursuit of perfection is calling for a wolf-like culture.


Leaping -- Dare to challenge

Constantly challenge yourself to break through yourself; it is not the external changes that destroy the enterprise, but the internal problem is the root cause of the enterprise's collapse.